Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyers

Here at Elias Law we specialize in all types of personal injury cases. Helping you to get back on your feet after an accident is what we do best. From slip and falls to car accidents and much more, we’re here to raise the standard of safety and make a difference in our neighborhood.


Slip & Fall

Not all accidents are made equal, and we fight to ensure those responsible are held accountable for their negligence!

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Albuquerque Car Crash Attorneys

Car Crash

From fender-benders, to head on collisions, and everything in-between, we have the legal expertise to handle your car accident case!

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Dog Bite Attorney Albuquerque

Dog Bites

When man’s best friend turns on you, our legal team will fight to hold the offending dog owners responsible.

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Medical Malpractice Attorney Albuquerque

Medical Malpractice

When doctors make mistakes, you could be the one paying the price. We take on doctors to get the justice you deserve!

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Work Injury Attorney Albuquerque

Work Injury

Just because you were injured at work, doesn’t mean you aren’t due compensation, and our legal team will fight for just that!

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Other Areas

With a full team of legal experts ready to fight for you, we have the knowledge and experience to take on your case!

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Our Philosophy

Your neighborhood. Your language. Your lawyer. It’s as simple as that. We are a growing law firm in the heart of the South Valley with years of experience practicing Personal Injury Law with high success rates. We take all of our cases very seriously and if you commit to us, we will commit to you. You do not pay us unless we win. Get Started

Our Team

We have an excellent staff here of six legal assistants and a law clerk, in addition to our previously mentioned attorneys. Each individual is more than willing to assist you in all matters of your case and give you one-on-one consultations.

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Why Us?

At Abogado Elias, we are committed to our community. We live and operate in Albuquerque’s South Valley, and have dedicated our practice to helping our neighbors with expert legal guidance, as well as events which we hold throughout the year, such as our Thanksgiving turkey giveaway and Halloween trick or treating. We know that for some, working with a lawyer may be a foreign and intimidating process, which is why we work to ensure that our clients feel safe and secure. Furthermore, as a fully bi-lingual practice, we speak with our clients in whatever language is best for them, be it English or Spanish. This allows us to not only get better testimonials and information, but to make sure our clients feel comfortable and respected, as well.Get Started